I’ve been meaning to slowly switch all of my makeup over to organic after I started my new eating lifestyle change at the beginning of the year. The more I read about what healthy foods I should be eating and unhealthy foods I should be getting rid of, the more I learned about other ways to improve my health. I learned that not only are cosmetic products loaded with toxic ingredients, but that our skin is our body’s largest organ and we’re absorbing all of these toxins😳

At first, I kinda dragged my feet because honestly I always thought that organic makeup was either really expensive and/or didn’t have very good results (how it looks on your face).  I finally ordered some foundation on Amazon that I read rave reviews on and not only is it cheaper, but it also looks better on!

EVXO COSMETICS Natural/Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation

This foundation is not only 90% organic, but it’s also gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. It’s made with ingredients such as chamomile, aloe vera, thyme, vitamin E, shea butter etc. My normal foundation is Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Makeup. It’s a buildable medium coverage foundation and it retails for $40. The EVXO foundation is also a buildable medium coverage, but it only cost $24.99! Surprisingly I actually prefer the organic formula because it goes on more natural. I was also able to touch it up after wearing it for 8 hours and  wear it for an additional 8 hours. With my Urban Decay after a certain amount of hours I can’t just touch it up because it ends up looking cakey so I have to redo my whole makeup. So keep in mind that I’m slowly transitioning to organic so i’m still using some products that aren’t organic. For instance, some of the reviews claimed it could leave you a little oily so I used my CoverFX mattifying powder to keep it matte just as I did with the Urban Decay. I’m hoping to find some organic powder soon.  The only downside to this foundation is the number of available shades. There’s only 6 so I had to buy Nude (light with pink undertones) and Cork (medium with yellow undertones) and mix them together. Since the foundation is buildable the colors look darker in the bottle, but they come out much lighter. I bought this makeup palette to help me mix my foundations. One pump of Nude plus a couple of pea-sized drops of Cork comes out to my perfect color. Unfortunately, you have to do a full pump. I’ve tried so hard to just pump a tiny bit of Cork out, but the pump is kinda hard to control and it won’t let you do less than a full pump. I end up just mixing both full pumps of foundations together and adding bronzer to my body to match. I’m a little paler than normal right now so if I was my usual tan self I wouldn’t have this problem. So if this happens to you and you don’t want to add bronzer to your body than I’d suggest pouring the extra in an empty bottle and saving it. I’ll probably start doing this so the foundation will last longer. The company is also known for working with their customers and will gladly send you another bottle if you ordered the wrong color. I heard they even let you keep the first bottle if you promise to give it to someone who will use it! Try it out for yourself here.


EVXO Cosmetics Duo Concealer/Highlighter Pencil

While I was buying the organic foundation I looked at their other products and decided to try out this concealer/highlighter duo as well. It’s 95% organic as well as gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. This product is $11.88 as opposed to my $29 Urban Decay Naked Concealer alone. Not even sure how much I spend on my highlighter. I was hesitant at first because there’s only one color to choose from, but it worked! I like to blend it in with a beauty blender then with my finger. The highlighter is a more natural/daytime look so if you like that extra glow you’d have to add something else. Get it here.


As I slowly start using more organic products I’ll update you guys with my finds. For those of you not sold on the organic makeup route, I receive plenty of non-organic beauty product samples and who knows how long it will take me to find the organic version of every beauty product I use so I will still test every new product and let you know what I like 😊


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