A few months ago Watch What Happens Live! had Naomi Campbell as a guest on the show. Someone called in and asked her what was the one beauty product she couldn’t live without. She said it was Rescue Skincare cream and serum which contains human stem cells. According to their social media, Rescue Skincare’s products immediately sold out. They’ve since restocked since the show aired awhile ago. I’d heard of human stem cells being using in skincare before, but honestly I thought it was in those creams that were thousands of dollars. I was so surprised to see that Rescue Skincare (while still not cheap) was a lot less expensive than I’d thought. I’ve been intrigued by human stem cells ever since because who doesn’t want to look like Naomi Campbell (She’s 46) so I decided to do some research and see exactly how they work. FYI these are NOT embryonic stem cells.

Human stem cells are divided into three categories, but I’ll only be researching adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). These specific cells repair and renew damaged cells and are what most skincare brands (including Rescue) use. MSC are what start working to heal any cut, scrape, or more serious injury.  The healing is what led skincare lines to begin research to see if these cells could be used to “heal” the skin or repair the signs of aging.

At a young age you have plenty of stem cells that cause your skin to turnover and reveal new, healthy skin. In your twenties, your skin turnover happens about every month. As you get older you produce less stem cells and your turnover rate takes longer (two months) which as a result leaves your skin exposed longer causing aging. Actual stem cells are not used in these products, but instead the peptides they produce. The specific peptides in combination with other advanced skincare ingredients in Rescue’s products (called MDFc19) have had trials that have seen an effect on an increase in skin’s turnover rate, skin damage caused by UV rays, small wrinkles, elasticity and hyperpigmentation.

Another type of stem cell I came across during my research was plant-based stem cells. Plant-based stem cells are actually used in many skincare products that I’m sure you’ve seen in the stores. These products are usually cheaper than the ones that contain human stem cells so you might want to lean towards buying those instead, but make sure you read the reviews first. Although I did find some opposing doctors who said that currently human stem cells don’t really work in skincare and need more research behind it, I found a lot more who opposed the use of plant-based stem cells. Lots of people swear by them though. Here are some products that have great reviews and won’t break the bank:





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