I’m leaving for Louisville today so I thought I’d share all the important skincare do’s and don’ts for when you’re on your next flight.

  • DO drink lots of water. The fresh air that’s pumped into the cabin is very dry because of the high altitude and sucks the moisture out of your skin. Ever notice how you get extra oily when you’re on a plane? That’s because your skin creates more oil to make up for the dryness. Try to drink 8 oz every hour.
  • DO some extra moisturizing a few days before your flight to get your face prepared to deal with the low humidity. Try this mask the night before.
  • DO skip the makeup if it’s a really long flight and put on some moisturizer , an eye mask, and the mask I just mentioned during your flight.
  • DON’T drink alcohol. I know, I know sometimes you just need a drink especially if you’re on your way to a bachelorette party or sitting next to a screaming baby. If you can though try to wait until you get off the plane. Drinking dehydrates you as it is and is even worse for your skin on a plane full of dry air. If you must have one glass of wine, an 8 oz cup of water should be enough to counteract the dehydration. Caffeine is a no-no too.
  • DO spray facial mist/toner during the flight, NOT facial water. Many people spray Evian Facial Spray which I personally love to use when I’m outside on a hot Texas day to freshen up my makeup, but not so much on airplanes.  The facial water will evaporate too quickly and just add to the issue of your skin thinking it needs to make more oil to combat the dryness. Instead try this facial spray or this toner with added ingredients and benefits that help hydrate your skin.  FYI there are some contrary articles that say you should skip all facial mists because they too will evaporate and add more oil. I say try out the facial mist or toner and see how your face reacts especially if you’re wearing makeup and can’t lather on any moisturizer.
  • DO wear SPF. You’re closer to the sun’s harmful UV rays which are more intense at high altitudes giving you a higher risk of skin cancer and sun damage. Make sure you’re wearing at least SPF 30 especially if you’re sitting next to the window. Reapply if you’re flight is longer than two hours. Personally I don’t even open the window if I’m sitting next to it and give people the death stare if they do 😂
  • DO go for a workout after you land. All those salty snacks and sitting still for so long can cause water retention and facial puffiness. Even just a brisk walk will get that extra fluid moving.


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