I can’t believe in one week I’ll be in Louisville! I’m so excited! This pic is from the last time I went. I’m the last one on the right and yes I’m wearing flats! Taking roll up flats in your purse is KEY at the derby. Especially for me since my feet tend to swell if I’m on them too much. Don’t worry I did wear heels, but eventually had to switch to flats. You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. Anyways planning has been fun, but stressful as usual. Especially because I did it last minute as compared to previous years (I still have clothes being delivered 🙈). Here is what I have so far.

I put lots of thought into every outfit…even my plane outfits. I like to be comfortable on planes, but still like to look cute because you never know when you’ll be sitting next to Brad Pitt! 😜 My go-to plane outfit is always a maxi dress. They’re cute, comfortable, and keep your legs warm since it can get chilly. I always bring a light jacket too in case my shoulders get cold. Oh and I always wear cute flats to the airport. I’ve made the mistake of wearing heels to an airport and boy did I learn my lesson. I must have been on the last terminal because I swear I was sweating by the time I got there and my feet were on fire. I ordered these two, but haven’t gotten them in yet. Hopefully they’ll fit.


I ordered this cute dress for the bourbon tours and was so excited, but then I got it and it didn’t fit. The chest area was really small and had no stretch. It’s so adorable though and if you have a more petite body you should TOTALLY get it. The ruffles are to die for!

Ordered these two for possible nights out. How cute are they?! I’m wearing my favorite dress Friday night, but I’m keeping that one a surprise. 🤗


Ok y’all so the struggle is real to find fabulous shoes with low heels. I ordered these three because they’re all cute and affordable. There’s a good chance I’ll never wear these again since I’m 5’3 and need all the help I can get so I didn’t want to spend too much money on them. Obviously the green pair is what I’d wear with my derby hat, but I need to try them on together and I don’t have my hat yet. It may end up being too much green. 🤔



My hat is finally ready and is on it’s way! She sent me three different ways she had made the top part of the bow. I’ll let you guys guess which one I picked.


The next derby post or posts (can’t decide if I want to make it one big post or break it up) will be all about where’d we go, who’d we see, what’d we do! Can’t wait to share it with y’all!



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