If you haven’t been to the Kentucky Derby it’s something you definitely need to add to your bucket list! I’ve been twice before (the pic above is from the first time I went) and two weeks from today I’ll be headed on my way to Louisville to go for a third time. It is hands down my favorite girls trip I’ve been on. I’ve never gone as a couple, but think it would be just as fun. I’d be a little more expensive though since as girls guys buy you and drinks and you can get in to some parties for free etc. You ladies know how it is 😉   This year i’m going with five of my other girlfriends. Two of us have been before and the other four are Derby newbies. Here are some details about my upcoming trip so maybe next year you’ll be there too!

First, this is a six month planned trip. That’s right. SIX MONTHS. Even though the Kentucky Derby is always the first weekend in May, you have to start planning in November. November is when the flights are released and they go fast! In the past we have gotten reasonably priced flights straight to Louisville, but this year was another story. Prices were higher than normal so we saved a great amount by getting flights to Indianapolis instead and are going to rent a car and drive two hours to Louisville. The same goes for the hotel. Book it in November to get the best rate and a good location.

Another thing we start planning early is of course the outfits! 💁🏻 We go to several nice dinners and fun outings in the evenings and during the day on Thursday we’re going to several bourbon tours. I’m a little behind on my outfit planning this year, but should have these finalized by next week and will share them with you. Friday we’re going to the Kentucky Oaks which is a race ran by the fillies and always held the day before the derby at Churchhill Downs. It is an official sponsorship with Bright Pink, which is a non-profit that focuses on prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer, so they suggest you wear pink. This year I’m so excited about the dress I found!

 Dress: ASOS

At the Oaks my friends and I have decided to wear fascinators (the little hats you see Kate Middleton wearing sometimes) and save the big hats for the Derby. We’ve even coined it “Fascinator Friday”! Fascinators can be found online as cheap as $30 and upwards of $300. It just depends how fancy you want it. I really wanted to make both my fascinator and hat this year, but unfortunately ran out of time so had to find someone to make them. I found a great shop on Etsy and she makes reasonably priced fascinators and hats and the quality and detail is great. I looked up color schemes on Pinterest and found this one that I really liked except instead of the moss color I wanted to use navy and sent it to her to use for my fascinator. She’s almost done with it and just needs to add some finishing touches.

Fascinator: Etsy

The dress I bought for the Derby I’ve actually had for several years. I almost wore it the last time I went there, but decided on another dress. The dress in the pic is actually a Dior dress worn on the red carpet, but I found the dupe version by A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz (they make tons of great designer dupe dresses). I couldn’t find the stock photo, but it looks exactly the same.

Dress: A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz (past season) similar style here and here.

Since my dress is white I could pretty much go with whatever hat color I wanted. I decided I wanted fun and bright so I found this color scheme. It’s in the beginning stages, but here’s a sneak peek.

Another very important outfit detail is to make sure you wear comfortable shoes! You’ll be on your feet a lot so wedges and low heels are the way to go. I’m 5’3 so I normally don’t go for low heels and I feel like it’s hard to find shoes that have low heels AND are cute, but that’s my current mission. Next week I’ll update ya’ll with more of my outfits and hopefully will have found some super fabulous low heels!



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