Highlighter may be my favorite makeup product. It looks great in photos, accensuates the parts of your face where sun naturally hits, and frankly it just makes me feel like I’m glowing. Highlighter can be a little intimidating though because you can very quickly end up looking like a showgirl if you use the wrong color and brush. Here are some tips on how and where I put my highlighter and which palette I use and others I think you should check out.


This is the highlighter that I use and it’s awesome! I decided to get a kit so I could try different colors and I honestly use them all. The colors are very pigmented and a little goes a long way. At first I avoided the lightest color, Sunburst, because I thought it would be way too much, but now it’s actually my favorite. The lighter the color the more glow it gives so I use each color depending on what lighting i’m going to be in or what mood i’m in. Keep in mind that the colors look different on different skin tones. Golden Bronze is pretty much a bronzer with a gold sheen to it so I use this when I want my highlighter to be the least noticeable. I would say maybe to work if you work in a more conservative setting or if you’re laying by the pool and want a more natural glow. Bubbly is a rose gold and Dripping In Gold is a lighter gold and both are great for every day whether you’re outside during the day or indoors at night. Sunburst is a bright gold and as I stated is my favorite. It’s the one you’ll see in most of my pics. It has the most glow so it looks great in pictures especially during the day. I used to only wear it at night like at a bar, but I actually like wearing it during the day too. I’ll put extra on if I’m taking pics or at night, but if not i’ll just go a little easier so as not to blind anyone during the day 🙌🏼😉

I start by dipping the fan brush in the desired color and then tapping some excess off. If I want even less color I’ll blow on the brush a little.

Fan Brush: Sephora

Next comes the dreaded “duck face”. This helps you see the top of your cheekbones where you’re going to apply it. With a very light hand just slightly move the fan brush back and forth until you get the glow you want.

I also like to highlight my nose. I take the brush and turn it sideways and lightly brush up along the center of my nose starting from the middle up to in between my eyes. If I want more glow I’ll dab my ring finger in the color and rub it along my nose instead. I do the same for the tip of my nose and my cupid’s bow using the fan brush for slight highlight and my finger for more glow.

Anastasia Beverly Hills comes out with different glow kits all the time which is great, but unfortunately when they do they no longer carry the old ones so my palette, That Glow, is unavailable. I know what you’re thinking. “Well then why did you just tell us all about this amazing palette if we can’t even buy it?!” Well because right now there are these two palettes that are very similar and have amazing colors as well!


This is their current glow kit right now and the colors are very comparable to That Glow. Bronzed can be used in place of Golden Bronze. Tourmaline is slightly darker than Bubbly, but both have a rose gold finish. Moonstone is slightly lighter than Dripping In Gold, but both have a gold finish. Summer and Sunburst can definitely be used the same as they both have that metallic, bright finish.


This one says it’s a limited edition which makes me think that maybe they’ll bring back their other glow kits eventually like That Glow (I’ll update y’all if they do). The palette has two more colors than their regular glow kits and only cost an extra $5! It has several gold and rose gold finishes like the other glow kits, but then it has that icy Snow color that I’m dying to try! I believe it’s been out for awhile so get it before it’s gone!



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