About a year ago I heard about how Rent The Runway, the company that lets you rent medium to high priced clothing for a fraction of the retail price, had a new unlimited subscription where you could rent 3 items at a time and keep them as long as you wanted. Initially, there was a waitlist to join the program and I signed up because it started at $100/month.  A few months later they said room had opened up for me to join, but the price had changed to $139 ($150 with taxes). At first I thought definitely not that’s just way too much, but then I started looking at how much money I was spending on clothes and how now a days with social media oftentimes i’d wear an outfit only a few times or even once since everyone had already “seen” it. I decided to give it a try and I loved it! It actually has even SAVED me money because I no longer buy an expensive dress for an event and then never wear it again! I start by reading the reviews to figure out what size to order (only a couple times have I had to return something  because it didn’t fit) and if I place my order by lunchtime at the very latest sometimes 2pm then they’ll usually ship it that day and I get my stuff two days later! The only downside is the unlimited used to deliver on Saturdays, but they changed shipping carriers and now they don’t. The regular rentals still do though. If you’ve never tried Rent The Runway, you totally should! This Keepsake dress retails for $188, but it’s actually sold out and you can rent it for only $30 as a regular rental (get $30 off your first order with my code). If you’re interested in the unlimited subscription, I highly recommend it!


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