IT BRUSHES FOR ULTA Airbrush Smoothing Foundation Brush #102

Having good brushes is really important when applying your makeup. Your makeup can look completely different depending on how you apply it and whether or not you have a good quality brush. I personally like applying my foundation with a brush. Some people use a beauty blender, but I only use one for my concealer because a beauty blender is easier to get into the smaller areas like the corner of your eyes and nose. It also gives more coverage to the areas you put your concealer which is where you need it most like your dark under eye circles or to cover blemishes. I think a brush helps spread the foundation more evenly and it gives it a more natural look. I put the foundation straight onto the brush and with a light, circular motion spread it all over including a little on my neck. IT brushes for Ulta are great quality and this one is 50% off making it $11 today only.


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