Most people don’t know that the order you apply your skincare matters, but it does. The general rule of thumb is to apply the thinnest to the thickest formula. You wouldn’t want to apply moisturizer before your serum because moisturizers are so much thicker that it would be difficult for your serum to penetrate through and for you to get the maximum benefits. I did find a few different opinions on order, but this order makes the most sense to me and is the order I use:

  1. Cleanser– Obvious first step so you can remove any dirt or makeup that you have.
  2. Toner and Exfoliator– Use a toner every night, but remember that you only exfoliate 2-3 times a week unless you have a really gentle exfoliator that you can use daily. Toners are great to prep your skin for product absorption. 
  3. Spot Treatment– You want to apply any acne medication on a fresh, clean face so you can get the most out of your product and the best results.  Wait at least five minutes to let the medication absorb into your skin before applying your next product.
  4. Serum– These are usually pretty concentrated so you want them to be closer to your skin. I personally apply several serums so just start with the thinnest one. Instead of slathering them on, try patting the serum on for better absorption.
  5. Eye Cream– These are thicker than serums, but thinner than moisturizers. Apply about a pea-size amount and since your skin around your eye is very thin and delicate, only use your ring finger because it uses less pressure and tap don’t rub.
  6. Moisturizer and/or Night cream and optional Face Oil– Apply moisturizer when your face is still damp from the previous products. Some nightcreams are thicker than moisturizers and some aren’t. It just depends on what product you’re using. Apply them according to their consistency. Face oil is always last because it helps to lock in all your products. I don’t always use face oil because I have combination skin and sometimes it just feels too greasy, but I use it every once in awhile or when my face feels dry for extra hydration. Same as with serum, you want to pat the face oil on.



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