The past year or so I’ve been trying to get more into makeup and not always do the same look. Don’t get me wrong I definitely have a signature look (everyone really should), but I started experimenting with different colored eyeshadows and these three palettes are my absolute favorite right now.


Morphe: 35P – 35 Color Plum Eyeshadow Palette

Morphe is a brand I only started buying about six months ago. I had seen it all over Instagram for some time, but always just stuck to buying my makeup in person at Sephora or Ulta because Morphe only has one store in Burbank, CA so I had to order online. I’m so glad I did though! These eyeshadows are SO good! First of all, you get 35 eyeshadows for $22.99!  You really can’t beat that for the quality. They’re really pigmented and they stay on for a really long time. They have tons of different color palettes, but purple is my signature look so I had to get this one. I also liked that it had black for when I want a smokier look and also had several brown colors for when I want to look more natural.


Morphe: 35O – 35 Color Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette

When I decided to get more into makeup I watched several Youtube videos (I can’t remember which ones now), but there was one in particular where the girl started her eyeshadow with a peach/orange base then she layered whatever color (i.e. purple, pink, blue) over it and it blended so well! Ever since I saw that I ALWAYS start my eyeshadow with an orange base. This palette is perfect for that. I also love these palettes because they have both matte and shimmer options. They have other palettes that are all shimmer or all matte too.


Urban Decay: Urban Spectrum

Urban Decay makes amazing eyeshadows. If you don’t own any you need to go buy some asap. This palette was a limited edition a little over a year ago. I had been looking for a palette that had pretty much every color in the rainbow and this was by far the best. Unfortunately you can’t buy this exact one at Sephora anymore so I tried to find it somewhere else. Well I found it on Amazon for $125! I didn’t realize how serious people are about limited edition palettes because um yeah that sh*t cray. I think I paid like $30 for it so I’m not even gonna put the link on here. The GOOD NEWS is that they have another palette that’s out right now that’s even better because it has more colors! It’s on sale too! If you think these colors are too crazy I really suggest watching some Youtube videos. I seriously only watched like three and now I feel like a pro! I always thought I’d have to watch like at least ten to really learn anything, but I was wrong and now I always get compliments on my eyeshadow. Maybe soon I’ll post some Youtube videos of my own 😍


FYI in the main pic I’m wearing several orange base eyeshadows from the 35O palette and some blue and pink eyeshadows from the Urban Decay. Hope this inspires you to discover your inner makeup artist! 😜


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