No matter how good you are at applying your makeup, if you’re missing this one important factor then your makeup will not look its best. That important factor is great lighting. Lighting can make or break your makeup. Most women do their makeup in the bathroom and think because the lights are brighter that it’s the perfect place to do their makeup. Unfortunately, it’s not. The lighting is usually overhead and creates a creepy shadow on your face or if the mirror is over to the side then you get more light on the side of your face that’s closest to the light. All of this results in uneven makeup application. I solved this issue by buying LED lights.

I ordered this vanity on Amazon a year ago when the bathroom in my previous apartment had terrible counter space and I needed somewhere to apply my makeup. I actually didn’t even consider the LED lights until I was reading a review and someone mentioned that they bought these LED light strips from Ikea to put on their vanity.  I’m SO glad I read that review! My makeup has never looked crappy ever again! And trust me before there were definitely times where I thought I looked great then I saw pictures later and was horrified😳

If you have room for a vanity I highly suggest it. I love mine! I built it myself(I love building things if you haven’t already noticed) and added some personal touches to it. I went to Home Depot and had them cut me a custom plastic cover for the top so that it wouldn’t get dirty and was easier to clean. I also bought some fabric and reupholstered the stool. All I did was unscrew the legs and drape the new fabric over the old one and used a staple gun to secure it. I also bought some fun shelf liner and changed out the knobs. Lastly, I added the LED lights from Ikea.

If you don’t have room for a vanity then I suggest one of these smaller portable LED mirrors. I actually bought this one to use for travel because hotel lighting is the worst! It has different settings for the lights so you can make them as bright as you want. The Ikea strip for my vanity has all sorts of colors, but obviously I just use the brightest white (almost bluish) light. Sometimes to take my pics I’ll soften the light, but for applying makeup it’s always the brightest.

A makeup tip that I learned is that you want it to look a bit darker than you like it to make up for different lighting situations you’ll be in. Unless you plan on going somewhere with LED lights you will want your makeup to adjust accordingly. I used to do my makeup exactly how I wanted it to look like in the mirror, but then I’d see pics and it would look like I didn’t even have blush on. These pics were all taken the same day within a couple hours of each other. In the first pic in front of the LED lights my makeup looks dark and overdone. The second pic was indoors with the camera flash on. As you can see the makeup isn’t as dark as you would think it would be from the first pic. The third pic is how the makeup translates to outside in the daylight. Everyone prefers a different makeup look. My look may be too much for you so just play around and take pics until you can figure out what look you’re going for.  Just wanted you guys to see that the makeup will be lighter so don’t freak out! Can’t wait for you guys to see how much of a difference great lighting makes!


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