I have so much jewelry… and shoes… and accessories…I just have so much stuff! Unfortunately I don’t live in a mansion with a closet the size of some people’s garage so I really have to be organized and take advantage of the space I do have. I know I’m not the only woman with this problem so here are some organization products and tips I’ve picked up along the years.

The first thing everyone always comments on is how lucky I am that my closet came with an island. Well it didn’t. I bought this floor cabinet on Amazon to actually put in a bathroom at my previous apartment. It didn’t fit in my bathrooms here so I decided to just put it in the middle of my closet and turn it into a jewelry/accessories island. I even built the cabinet myself. It was pretty easy.

I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to jewelry and accessories I’m very “out of sight, out of mind”. I have to see everything I own laid out or I’ll forget about it and never wear it. These black velvet organizers are a great way to display all my things in a very clean, pretty, and almost store like setting.  A tip to clean the black velvet because it will get dusty is to use a lint roller.

Earrings display ~ Necklace/Bracelet display ~ Sunglasses display ~Unfortunately I can’t find the ring/necklace/bracelet display combo, but these ring and necklace displays should do.

Just like my jewelry I like my accessories and shoes nicely displayed so I can easily see all my options when I’m getting dressed. Most of my shoes fit in my closet, but my boots were another story. I decided to get this shelving unit from Ikea to store my tall boots, hats and some of my bigger and delicate handbags. There were many different options at Ikea, but I chose this particular one because of the adjustable shelves and how wide it was. It’s really sturdy and I also built it myself pretty easily. I also bought these boot inserts in two different sizes in order to keep the shape of my boots. I highly recommend them and not just because they make your boots more attractive to display, but because they really make your boots last longer. Having your boots just slouched over really gives them creases and gets them dirtier faster. A tip in case you have a less structured handbag that you want to display is to save any type of bubble wrap you get from ordering online and using that to stuff it with.

Boot Inserts: Amazon(small) The original clear large ones I bought are sold out, but these are similar ~ Romper: Forever 21 (past season) similar here ~ Lipliner: Ulta Contour Lipliner in Rustic ~ Lip Cream: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes

Happy organizing!



Love it! The cabinet idea is great. You just motivated me to reorganize my closet. I have so much stuff tucked away that I just forget about it so I never wear it or buy more:/


I was the same way! Seeing everything laid out really helped me realize I had tons of fabulous jewelry I wasn’t even wearing. It also looks pretty and makes me feel like I’m jewelry shopping in my own closet haha! Glad I could motivate you 😄


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