I’m all about standing out and being unique so I love having one-of-a-kind items and getting things custom made. I’m definitely not alone on this and beauty companies took notice. More and more companies areĀ creating different products that you can personally customize yourself. Read on to find out all the coolest products you can personally make yourself including customized skincare that is specific to your skin concerns!



This company lets you create your own lipstick. You go to their website and pick up to four colors ( choose the percentage of each color you want to include) out of fifteenĀ and they mix them for you and even let you name your new color. They have a starter kit lipstick palette which is unfortunately sold out, but it includes all fifteen color options and two empty wells for you to mix the colors yourself so you can decide in person which color is your favorite before you order your custom lip color. Hopefully this comes back in stock soon.The lipstick costs $30 or if you’re not 100% sure on your color they offer a lipstick sample for $6. You can also create a lip tint for $30. They have a custom makeup palette where you can pick three shades of either blush, highlighter, or bronzerĀ and five shades of eyeshadow. You can’t create your colors, but they do give you a fair amount of option colors to choose from.

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MATCHCo– Custom Foundation

Finding a foundation that is your EXACT skin color is ridiculously hard. MatchCo has created a way for that to be not only possible, but easy. You download their app whichĀ scans five different areas of your skin to analyze your skin tone. The results are a perfectly matched foundation with your name and date that it was created personalized on the bottle. The founders describe the formula as a combination of tinted moisturizer and light to medium coverage foundation. The foundation retails for $49.

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Ok so this is supposed to be pretty similar toĀ Matchco except two things. It’s new and the foundation isĀ $25. I almost didn’t include this because I looked up the reviews on the app and apparently they don’t include undertones for African-Americans. The scanning of your face doesn’t seem as detailedĀ as the Matchco so i’m not sure how exact the foundation will be. It is aboutĀ 50% cheaperĀ though so it may be worth a shot if you want to save some cash. Download the app here to get started.

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THREE CUSTOM COLOR SPECIALISTS– Custom Makeup or Recreate Discontinued Shades

This is for all you ladies who hadĀ a favorite makeup product and were devastated when it was discontinued. Luckily that has never happened to me (knock on wood). They have an entire discontinued shade archive that you can look into to find your old fave. You can also send a small amount in if they don’t have it in their archives. If you want something completely new you canĀ make your own shade by sending in for example a paint chip, a photo fromĀ a magazine, or two colors that you want blended etc. They make severalĀ custom products like tinted eye brow gel, eyeshadow, cream concealer, loose face powder, blush and a fewĀ others.

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FUNCTION OF BEAUTY– Custom Shampoo and ConditionerĀ 

This company customizes even the smell of your shampoo and conditioner. Go to their website and first pick out your hair type, structure and moisture level. You then get to pick five hair goals ( i.e. volumize, deep condition, lengthen, fix split ends, thermal protection etc.) Lastly, you pick your product color, fragrance (also level of fragrance), and of course you get to pick a name. 8 oz of both bottles will cost you $36. 16 oz runs $46.

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SKIN INC.– Custom Serum

We all have different skin concerns so Skin Inc. has created a custom serum to tackle your specific needs. You start off by taking a quiz that asks questions such as your age, how easily you tan or burn in the sun, top three skin concerns, your lifestyle (i.e. if you smoke, sleep habits) etc. Ā It takes all this info. and suggests three serums that you can mix to create your own. You can even order this online at Sephora.

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INSITU– Custom Skincare

This company has several skincare products for you to choose from to customize. From pore minimizing mist, anti-aging face care, detoxifying exfoliator, to dark circles and puffiness repair etc. It even has products for your body such as body butter. LikeĀ other companies you start by taking a test that will recommend certain products then from their you get to customize them. You can decide such things as the texture and what time of day you’d like to apply it. The only downfall is that it’s located in London so shipping takes 10-15 days.

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There’s even more companies that are creating customized products soon so I’ll keep you guys updated with any new product releases. Oh andĀ I ordered my custom lipstick sample from Finding Ferdinand over the weekend. Can’t wait to get it! šŸ’„šŸ˜










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