Everyone needs to get a facial at least once a month. Facials really help clean out all the dirt and impurities  and give you that ridiculous glow. Going to the spa and getting facials is one of my faves, but we all know that can get kind of pricey. The Panasonic EH-SA31 at home facial steamer is perfect for someone who loves to take care of their skin, but is on a budget.

This steamer starts to steam really quickly and the steam lasts 6 minutes. The steam is really great for opening up and cleaning your pores and moisturizing. I especially like to steam at night right before I do my nightly skincare routine because since it opens up your pores then all your products absorb into your skin better! I also like to use this before I do a facial mask or exfoliate. Buy the steamer here and get that glow!



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