I just bought this new voluming mousse a few weeks ago to give my hair some added volume and its amazing! It’s Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus.

My hair goes from this…

To this!

First I spray it on my roots and on my sides.

Then I use a round brush to blow dry my hair.

The key to getting the volume is after you finish with the round brush you have to FLIP YOUR HAIR OVER TO THE OTHER SIDE. This part is very important. Leave your hair flipped over for at least a minute to let the heat set. I parted my hair on the side this time, but it would be easier to part your hair in the middle and then doing one side at a time. So when round brushing your hair on the left side just flipping it over to the right and vice versa. You could still part your hair on the side afterwards, but it would be easier to blow dry it parted in the middle first.

Then flip your hair back over and part it wherever you’d like and you’re done!

The Root Pump Plus is actually on sale now! Here’s another link for when it goes back to regular price. I bought my round brush at Ulta, but it’s not online. It’s available at JCPenney though.

Hope you all enjoy this product as much as I do!


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