Some recently available or coming soon beauty tech products to get excited for!

e.l.f. Beauty Shield Magnetic Mask Kit



This new mask by e.l.f. is removed by a magnetized tool! It comes with a spoon and you use one side to apply the mask and you cover the other side with one of the included mask covers (for easy clean up) and just hover it over the mask and it takes it right off. I love using masks, but hate the aftermath because I’m one of those girls who seems to get water EVERYWHERE so this is perfect for me. The mask is meant to resurface your skin and reduce the appearance of pores. It includes carrot seed oil, sunflower seed oil, vitamin C, vitamin E, and argan oil. It’s only $24 and you can buy it here as well as watch a video of how it works.

“Liquid Spanx” for under-eye bags

An MIT chemical engineer and Living Proof co-founder has created a treatment using a polymer film technology that conforms to your skin and eliminates your under-eye bags for up to 24 hours. It consists of a two-step process. The first step involves a “reshaping” base under the eye area using a special tool and letting it dry for a couple of minutes. The second step and layer is the real game changer which “activates” and shrinks the bags and smoothes out any wrinkles. It’s also removable with just oil-free makeup remover. The technology is fairly new, but some big names in beauty have said to be interested in licensing it so hopefully it’ll be available asap. Watch a video of it here.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

I’ve mentioned my light therapy mask before that I use to get rid of any pesky blemishes, well now there’s a little sister. Neutrogena has created a pen-sized light spot treatment you can throw in your purse. Pull it out any time you feel one coming to the surface. This is great for someone who only occasionally gets a blemish so you can just spot treat it instead of having to wear the entire mask. Buy it here.


HelloAva is a startup that recently launched which uses a chatbot to determine your skin type and recommend products. You use Facebook messenger or SMS text to answer a series of questions and can also send a photo of yourself. Afterwards you’re connected with a human advisor who you can ask more questions and can validate the algorithm’s results. You also get sent a checkout link where you can purchase all the recommended products. Since the company is still new it’s mainly working with a small set of beauty brands such as newer brands and Korean beauty suppliers. Although, it is working with one large beauty brand which is L’Oreal. ¬†It currently has around 250 products in their database. I’m assuming as it gets going they’ll start adding more products. Try it out for yourself here.





I haven’t done an outfit post in awhile because honestly I haven’t found anything that I thought was cute enough to share…until I found this adorable romper! I’ve also been trying to find things that aren’t floral since I know I post tons of floral, but as you can see I failed miserably ūüėā¬†Oh well! There’s always next time. If you’re floral obsessed like I am this romper is originally $168 and it’s on sale for $39.99! ¬†It’s super comfy while still flattering and I’m wearing an XS.

Romper: Yumi Kim






I’m obsessed with face¬†masks. I would guess that i’ve probably tried out over 50(and counting) different ones. These are my current favorite sheet masks that I have in rotation right now.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

This one is hands down my favorite and in my opinion the holy grail of all face masks! My face is so¬†soft, glowing and brighter after I use this. Here’s the thing though SK-II is an expensive brand. The masks always have so much serum that they’re dripping when you pull them out of the pack so they definitely don’t skimp on quality and the results are totally worth it. You can buy a pack of 10 here for the full price of $135 or 1 for $17 and 6 for $95. I usually wait for them to show up on the discount website RueLaLa and buy them for about $100 for 10. I’ll keep my eye out for them and let y’all know when they’re available. If you really can’t wait you can buy them here¬†for a great price, but just FYI I’ve never bought anything from that website so buy at your own risk.¬†

DAISO Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover

So you know how SK-II masks are expensive? Well this helps with the cost. This silicon mask cover is to wear over any¬†sheet mask and it’s awesome for two reasons¬†(FYI this silicon mask cover is creepy af looking so you may not want to wear it around your significant other and freak them out…or maybe you do ūüėā). 1. Sheet masks are super slippery and slide¬†all over your face so you’re usually stuck laying down for however long it says to wear it and stuck doing nothing except maybe reading a book. Well this mask cover has ear loops so you can move around wash dishes, cook dinner(yes i’ve cooked dinner while wearing a sheet mask before), fold laundry etc. 2. The silicon is meant to prevent evaporation so not only does your face get the maximum serum, but you can reuse the mask again saving you money! Without the mask cover when the time comes to take your sheet mask off the serum has evaporated and your mask is dry and ready to be thrown away. When you use the mask cover the sheet mask still has serum and you can put it back in the package and put it in your fridge for another use. I actually use the same sheet mask with the silicon mask cover up to 3 times! This is definitely a must-have if you use lots of sheet masks like I do. I’ve never tried¬†this, but it says you can even use it without a sheet mask as a steaming mask in the bath. Buy it here.


I’ve already told you guys how much I love these eye masks. Well Shiseido has a sampler mask set out right now that includes 2 of their eye masks and one each of their Benefiance Pure Retinol Revitalizing Mask and White Lucent Power Brightening Mask. I love anything that includes retinol and this brightening mask worked great. Shiseido is a high quality brand that is also pricey, but that’s where your silicon mask comes in ūüėČ

FARMACY Coconut Gel Face Mask


My new favorite masks! I got a sample of Farmacy’s deep moisture mask in a skincare set I bought recently and it was awesome! My face had been¬†SO dry because I’d been a little heavy handed with some acne cream recently, like if I smiled my face would crack ūüė≥ I put on the moisture mask and I was so shocked at how instantly my skin changed. My face no longer cracked and looked extremely plump. All of the dryness had gone away! Right now you can buy them individually or save and buy their 3 pack mask sampler of New Dawn (I have this one too) or Clear Day. All of the masks contain coconut that provides natural moisture, their patented Echinacea GreenEnvy (natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), and natural ingredients such as broccoli and celery. Ok so here’s the con about the masks. They’re a little difficult to put on especially at first. These masks are hydrogel, which means you can’t use your silicone mask with them ūüėĘ, and they’re really thin. They come with a very light blue tinted protective film you’re supposed to pull off first, but it’s so light that it can be hard to tell which film you’re pulling off. Since the gel is so thin once it’s on your face it’s difficult to adjust it. The first time was hard to manage, but it got easier once I got the hang of it. It’s still very much worth it to use these masks.

TONY MOLY Bubble Mask Sheet

Love how this mask bubbles so much and leaves my¬†face super soft and clean. It’s also really affordable.

Since i’m always trying new sheet¬†masks, I’ll post an update every month or so on any good new finds.




The Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale started yesterday and of course there’s tons of bras and panties on sale, but their great sport collection is on sale too. Some of the cutest Victoria Sport items on sale are below and many of them come in several¬†colors so click on each pic to see other options.










La Mer is a well known, luxury skincare line with some amazing products. One of their most popular¬†products is their Creme De La Mer Moisturizing Cream which sells for $170 an ounce. I’ve personally used it before and it’s pretty amazing. It plumps up your skin, reduces fine lines, and moisturizes the crap out of your skin making you look younger. It’s pretty expensive so I had to quit buying it, but recently mentioned it to a new fellow skincare-obsessed, esthetician friend (she gave me some other good info. I’ll be sharing with you guys ūüėć) and she said there was a dupe! First off, once I started doing some research apparently some people discovered this YEARS ago! Like I saw some articles that dated as far back as 2008! My obsession with skincare didn’t really begin til my late 20s-early 30s (although I did start using skincare in my teens), but I’m still so bummed I’m just now finding out about this! I guess it’s better to be late to the party then to never get there at all. Anyways, so here is the amazing dupe!


Nivea makes a U.S. and a Germany version and it’s the Germany version that you want (thank god for Amazon). Creme De La Mer and both versions are almost identical in ingredients. The main difference is the fermented sea kelp extract that is in the Creme De La Mer, but everyone says the results are pretty much the same and not worth the hefty price tag. There’s also antioxidants, but you can get those easily in another product that’s way cheaper. The Germany version is different than the U.S. version and Creme De La Mer because it doesn’t contain petrolatum which makes it less greasy¬†and sticky. I just ordered mine and used it for the first time last night. It cost $9.16 and it’s so much product! It is a heavy cream so you don’t need to use that much. Just warm a small amount in between your fingers and pat it onto your face. I seriously think this may be able to last me a year which is like $0.02 a day! Go order this here asap! You won’t regret it!





Here some great sales going on right now for Memorial Day along with some of my personal picks.

  • Boohoo– 50% off everything until May 29


  • Guess– 50% off select full-price items and 50% off clearance
  • G by Guess– 30%-50% off everything online only for a limited time



  • Express– Up to 50% off everything (the jeans are the ones i’m wearing in the pic)


  • Forever 21– Extra 30% off sale with code:¬†EXTRA30


  • Macy’s– LOTS of sales, 25%-50% off select dresses, 25%-40% off select swim etc.


There’s seriously just too many sales to post, just get out there and shop! Hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!



Beach Bunny Swimwear is known to have the most amazing and unique swimsuits around…they’re also known for being really expensive. Like just one top and bottom can be the equivalent of a car payment so I decided to look for a dupe. I was so happy¬†to find Ann Summers, a British retailer who actually specializes in lingerie and¬†also makes swimsuits that are very similar to Beach Bunny AND they’re good quality! At the time I had to¬†order the bikini I wanted from¬†House of Fraser in the UK because it was the only place I could find it. ¬†The website doesn’t convert the prices to dollars so I¬†had to convert them myself from British Pound Sterling (GBP), but it wasn’t a big deal so don’t be discouraged if the bikini you like is only available there. They do indeed ship to the U.S., your receipt will just be in British Pounds. Here are all the current Beach Bunny swimsuits that I found that have a similar and more affordable alternative.¬†All¬†of these swimsuits are available and very similarly priced at one or all three of these retailers: Ann Summers, House of Fraser, and ASOS so you may need to shop around to find your size. All the prices that are labeled are from the Ann Summers website and they’re also offering an additional 20% off that is not included in the price!


Beach Bunny Top: $130 ~ Bottom: $130                Ann Summers Top: $24.91 ~ Bottom: $16.61

Black Top: Ann Summers, ASOS, H of F ~ Black Bottom: Ann Summers, ASOS, H of F

Khaki Top: Ann Summers, ASOS, H of F ~ Khaki Bottom: Ann Summers, ASOS, H of F


Beach Bunny Top: $110 ~ Bottom: $95             Ann Summers Top: $33.22 ~ Bottom: $19.38

Top: Ann Summers, H of F ~ Bottom: Ann Summers, H of F


Beach Bunny: $170                                                                         Ann Summers: $34.60

One Piece: Ann Summers


Beach Bunny Top: $145 ~ Bottom: $130                Ann Summers Top: $41.52 ~ Bottom: $16.61

Top: Ann Summers, ASOS, H of F ~ Bottom: Ann Summers, ASOS, H of F


Beach Bunny: $175                                                                      Ann Summers: $44.29

One Piece: Ann Summers, ASOS 


Beach Bunny Top: $130 ~ Bottom: $120                           Ann Summers: $48.44

One Piece: Ann Summers, ASOS


Beach Bunny Top: $110 ~ Bottom: $95           Ann Summers Top: $24. 91 ~ Bottom: $16.61

Top: Ann Summers, ASOS, H of F ~ Bottom: Ann Summers, ASOS, H of F


Beach Bunny: $175                                                                    Ann Summers: $55.36

One Piece: Ann Summers


Some of my other Ann Summers favorites are below




A few months ago¬†Watch What Happens Live! had¬†Naomi Campbell as¬†a guest on the show. Someone called in and asked her what was the one beauty product she couldn’t live without. She said it was Rescue Skincare¬†cream and serum which contains human stem cells. According to their social media, Rescue Skincare’s products immediately sold out. They’ve since restocked since the show aired awhile ago. I’d heard of human stem cells being using in skincare before, but honestly I thought it was in those creams that were thousands of dollars. I was so surprised to see that Rescue Skincare (while still not cheap) was a lot less expensive¬†than I’d thought. I’ve been intrigued by human stem cells ever since because who doesn’t want to look like Naomi Campbell (She’s 46) so I decided to do some research and see exactly how they work. FYI these are NOT embryonic stem cells.

Human stem cells are divided into three categories, but I’ll only be researching adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). These specific cells¬†repair and renew damaged cells and are what most skincare brands (including Rescue) use. MSC are what start working to heal any cut, scrape, or more serious injury.¬†¬†The healing is what led skincare lines to begin research to see if these cells could be used to “heal” the skin or repair the signs of aging.

At a young age you have¬†plenty of stem cells that cause your¬†skin to turnover and reveal new, healthy skin. In your¬†twenties, your¬†skin turnover happens about every month. As you¬†get older you¬†produce less¬†stem cells and your¬†turnover rate takes longer (two months) which as a result leaves your skin exposed longer causing aging. Actual stem cells are not used in these products, but instead the peptides they produce. The specific peptides in combination¬†with other advanced skincare ingredients¬†in Rescue’s products (called MDFc19)¬†have had trials that have seen¬†an effect on an increase in¬†skin’s turnover rate,¬†skin damage¬†caused by UV rays, small wrinkles,¬†elasticity and¬†hyperpigmentation.

Another type of stem cell I came across during my research was plant-based stem cells. Plant-based stem cells are actually used in many skincare products that I’m sure you’ve seen in the stores. These products are usually cheaper than the ones that contain human stem cells so you might want to lean towards buying those instead, but make sure you read the reviews first. Although I did find some opposing doctors who said that currently human stem cells don’t really work in skincare and need more research behind it, I found a lot more who opposed the use of plant-based stem cells. Lots of people swear by them though. Here are some products that have great reviews and won’t break the bank: